Stacy begins to learn programming
on Commodore 64s.

Stacy sets up her first personal computer,
an Apple IIC, and subscribes to CompuServe.

Stacy receives the
Theodor Herzl Unity Award.

Stacy receives the "scholar of the week" award
and is nominated for an excellence award from the
Johns Hopkins University's CTY program.

Stacy gets her first Mac.

With uncanny foresight into the future of
communications and her career, Stacy designs
her own major at the University of Michigan,
a study of communications in a variety of
disciplines: from engineering to business.

Stacy launches a writing workshop at
Washtenaw County Jail.

Stacy founds her first company, CLASS*IC
(Communication, Language and Specialized
Seminars - Independent Consulting).

As an English Composition Board peer tutor,
Stacy pilots the University of Michigan's first
online writing lab.

Stacy is nominated for the University of Michigan
Distinguished Scholar Award.

Stacy is published in industry journals and training
resources for her work coordinating debate clubs
comprised of University of Michigan students and
inmates in several Michigan correctional facilities.

Stacy joins IEC, developing electronic performance
support systems and computer-based training for
Fortune 500 companies.

As part of her masters studies Communication
Management, Stacy begins to travels throughout
Europe, meeting with executives at multinational
corporations and news outlets, discussing
communication, crises and corporate culture.

Stacy is hired by Xerox to modernize the company's
sales, analyst and customer training and support
materials —from paper-based documentation to an
interactive, online system. She gains buy-in from
teams and leaders in the US, Europe and Japan.

Just prior to the tech crash, Stacy leaves
the corporate world to pursue her MBA
and a certificate in Dispute Resolution.

Stacy presents seminars for incoming MBAs on
business communications and presentation skills,
leading to her role at Pepperdine University's
Graziadio School of Business and Management
as an adjunct instructor in Business Communications.

Stacy is hired by Pepperdine University
as a Director of IT.

Stacy founds The Degania Group.

Stacy begins teaching
entrepreneurial classes at NYU.

The Degania Group formally expands
its services from Business Consulting,
adding Business Plan Services and
Custom Corporate Training.

Stacy co-facilitates her first roundtable
Business-IT alignment (Marketing IT).

Stacy is nominated for and appointed
to the Montclair (NJ) Economic
Development Corporation board.

Voices & Visions Productions
films the first video testimonials
for The Degania Group's new
and improved website.

NJBIZ names Stacy as one of New Jersey's 2010
Top Forty under 40. The prestigious award is reserved
for those men and women who have been making headlines
in their field and who share a commitment to business
growth, to professional excellence and to the community.

Rutgers Business School's Center for
Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic
Development hires Stacy to manage
the training content and design of the
Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative program.